How To Confidently Increase Your Consulting Fees

How to confidently increase your consulting fees 👇

Why do you find yourself undercharging? The answer is simple:


Imagine this:

If 60-80% of your revenue depends on just one or two clients, what happens if one leaves?

Panic sets in as you scramble to fill the gap. ☠

When facing a new potential deal, especially under the pressure of needing to replace lost revenue, doubts creep in:

“What if they reject my higher fee?”
“I need to cover immediate expenses like salaries and bills.”
“I don’t have anyone else in the pipeline. What if it takes too long?”
“I’ll work for less just this once. I will increase my fees again next time.”

But here’s the catch—this cycle of undercharging tends to repeat itself if you don’t have a solid strategy.

Want to break free from this pattern?

Check out my latest video where I share an effective strategy to raise your consulting fees fearlessly. This has been instrumental in helping me increase my consulting fees 8x over the years.

Check out the video below! 👇

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