The Hypergrowth Project

Consultant, if you’re looking to learn how to properly articulate your value proposition, uncover your client’s biggest pain points, and exceed expectations, check out this interview I did with Seth Tilli on his show, The Hypergrowth Project

Beers with Max Live

Faheem Moosa and Max Traylor discuss one of the hardest challenges consultants face: building a sales pipeline while delivery quality client engagements at the same time.


Click here to view the discussion: watch now

The Winback Marketing Podcast – with Dan Pfister

I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Winback Marketing Podcast with Dan Pfister

Check out the episode – I share a few war stories from my early consulting days I haven’t shared before.

Winning back clients, building pipeline and growing a consulting business

Check it out here: 

Marketing Spark – Podcast with Mark Evans

Had the pleasure of being a guest on the Marketing Spark podcast with Mark Evans

We talked about a few key issues affecting consulting business owners. Here’s Mark:

“It’s tough being a consultant.

You battle to keep clients happy and attract new business.

There’s little stability and persistent anxiety.

But it’s also a great way to make a living. You work with a variety of companies on different projects. 

If you’re lucky, you establish an amazing work-life balance.

Consulting has become popular in the past few years as people look to become entrepreneurs, turn side hustles into full-time gigs, and walk away from the 9 to 5 grind.

But it’s not as easy as offering strategic or tactical services. A lot of work happens behind the scenes.

For the Marketing Spark podcast, I sat down with Faheem Moosa, who works with consultants looking to drive six-figure revenue.

A topic that we explored was the challenging balance between doing consulting work and marketing and selling your services.

To succeed, both need to happen consistently and, as important, at the same time. 

If you’re only doing the work, the pipeline dries up. If you’re only selling, the work suffers. 

For people exploring the idea of consulting, Faheem says they need to be honest about whether there’s demand for their skills and if they’re willing to sell.

We also discuss:


The consulting landscape amid tough economic conditions and the importance of offering mini-engagements to clients


Why content is a key to driving brand awareness and leads.


Faheem’s use of video and why he hasn’t embraced TikTok


The realities of LinkedIn (lower reach and engagement) and how it’s still a go-to channel.

For anyone looking to improve their consulting practice or become a consultant, Faheem delivers a lot of wisdom.” 

Click here to listen:


BizOwner360 Podcast with Brett Trainor and Diana Mitchell

Interested in consulting business models and how to grow a consulting business?

I shared my story and thoughts on growth with Brett Trainor and Diana Mitchell on their show Breakthrough Freelancer podcast (formerly BizOwner360 Podcast)

Check it out here:

The Recognized Authority with Alastair McDermott

If you own a consulting business, you know you need to build a sales pipeline. That’s obvious, but…

It’s one thing to know how to build a pipeline and quite another to organize and enable yourself to get it done.

Everybody talks about how consulting business owners should stop being dependent on referrals, should create more content, build authority, etc.

But what’s being left out of that equation is –> How do you find the time to build a pipeline and to deliver high-pressure client projects at the same time?

That’s one of the biggest problems in our community today.

I had the pleasure of talking about this and other relevant topics with Alastair McDermott on The Recognized Authority podcast recently.

Among the topics we discussed are:


How to organize your week to deliver quality client engagements AND build a strong sales pipeline


The 4 high-yielding tasks consulting business owners must focus on


The biggest mistake consulting business owners make and how to fix it


The mindset and philosophy of the Big Promise. Knowing your client’s dream outcome and delivering it


The best investment consulting business owners can make to grow their business

Check out the episode here:


The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

As a consultant, one of my biggest strengths is that I’m very analytical. Here’s what I love:




But guess what happened when I started my consulting business back in the day and tried to grow it?

My love for process was hijacked by self-doubt, fear and occasional panic.

“How do I land my next client?”

“Should I take on this new gig even if the pricing isn’t right, or do I turn the client down?”

“Should I create a new service offering or stick to what I have?”

“The economy crashed. Should I quit now?”

…were all questions I dealt with from time to time.

Building a business can be nerve-wracking. I’m not trying to say I have it all together today.

But what’s different today is that I’m far better at looking at business as a process-based activity.

I learned this along the way through constant trial and error…and by hiring coaches and mentors who encouraged me to think differently about growing a business.

I spoke about this and other topics with Daniel Gomez on his show recently. 

The link to the interview is


Key Conversations for Leaders with John Ryan

Honoured to be featured on John Ryan’s show Key Conversations for Leaders.

Listen in as we chat about working remotely, consulting, communication styles, tools, techniques and a whole lot more.

And especially listen around 35:00 where I share an anecdote about an interaction I had with my late father and mentor around 20 years ago…

…an interaction that taught me one of the biggest lessons in my life (which might benefit you as well).

Episode link:


The Inquisitive Analyst Show with Marcus Udokang

Getting your consulting business off the ground is easy, but growing it is a different ball game altogether.

Do you recognize this pattern?

You started your consulting business

Landed your first couple of client via referrals

Got really busy delivering client engagements

Did not prioritize prospecting

Started pounding the pavement for new clients once your current engagements started to ramp down

Experienced erratic revenue as a result

If you’ve experienced the above, you’re not alone.

Most consultants go through it. I did, too.

I explore this and other scenarios with Marcus Udokang on his show, The Inquisitive Analyst.

Check out the entire episode on The Inquisitive Analyst:


The B2B Founder Podcast with Brett Trainor


Does sales feel like a 4-letter word to you?

Do you feel uncomfortable about trying to “push” your services on to your prospects?

If that’s how you feel, then you’ve got the wrong idea about sales.

Brett Trainor invited me to his B2B Founder Podcast recently to talk about how I approach sales conversations.

So I walked him through my process..

When you approach sales conversations the right way and give your prospects a great buying experience, you can:

Uncover the real issues and problems your prospects are facing

Increase the value of the deal, and

Increase your conversion rate

Drive revenue faster

Links to Full Episode:

Links to Video and Snippets:

BA BLOCKS Podcast with Emal Bariali

Are you looking to transition from a corporate job to starting a consulting business?

Emal B. and I discuss this topic on the BA BLOCKS podcast.

The podcast caters to Business Analysts but most of what we discussed is applicable to anyone interested in transitioning into consulting.

We covered the following topics:

1:20 The current state of consulting given the pandemic we’re dealing with right now.

9:16 What are some of the benefits of becoming a consultant over keeping a full-time perm role?

12:33 How does a person actually know that they are ready to get into consulting?

14:50 An example of how an oracle functional analyst could move into a consulting role.

16:20 How to make the transition into consulting.

21:40 Are there any other major difficulties that business analysts could face when trying to make the switch into consulting?

26:04 Becoming a consultant is like building a small business with a lot of business infrastructure that you need to consider.

Link to the interview:


Business Talk Library with Terrell A Turner

Had a blast being a guest on the Business Talk Library show with Terrell A Turner, CPA!

In the clip below I share one of my favourite business tips that I share with others…

…and constantly keep reminding myself of, too.

We also discuss:

The first SYSTEM you need to introduce in your consulting business to kickstart growth

Big mistakes consultants make with respect to cash and time management

The funny story about how I accidentally stumbled into consulting

And a lot more…

Check out the full episode here:

The Unpolished MBA Podcast with Monique Mills

Had the privilege of being a guest on the Unpolished MBA podcast with the amazing Monique Mills, MBA, PMP®

Check out our conversation in which we talk about a host of topics, including:

How my 120+ year old family business influenced me and what you can learn from it

The early days of my management consulting business and the challenges I faced (and which you can avoid)

Key capabilities consulting business owners need to grow their business

…and a lot more. 

Check out the episode here:


The Marketing and Sales Toolkit with Drish Israni

What fun it was being on Drish Israni’s show, 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗦𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗧𝗼𝗼𝗹𝗸𝗶𝘁.

We talked about Digital Brand Communication for business consultants and touched on the following:

How to clearly demonstrate ROI to your prospects before a sale
The keys to articulating your brand message
Why consultants should consider using more video (and how I execute my video strategy here on #linkedin)

**Make sure you check out 9:00 in the video – I share with you arguably the greatest benefit of video marketing**

The best way consultants can differentiate themselves from the competition
And a lot more…

Check out the video and text interview in the article below: