5 Ways Consultants Can Ensure Their LinkedIn Content Stays Fresh

No time to create content?

And when you find the time, do you worry about creating content that’s fresh, relevant and useful?

In that case, here are 5 ways to make that happen:

  1. Highlight topics your clients and prospects bring up in your conversations with them. As a consultant, you have the advantage of working personally with your clients. Not all business owners have the opportunity to work closely with their customers on a regular basis. So, talk about topics and issues that your clients and prospects bring up (without breaking confidentiality, of course).
  2. Contextualize your content based on current events and trending topics (e.g. “Growing a business in the face of current supply chain disruptions”). One way to do this is to search trending linkedinnews posts and highlight issues related to what’s being talked about in those posts.
  3. Create content appropriate for the time of the year (e.g. “It’s the end of 2021. What are you doing to prepare for 2022?”). Don’t limit this to the end of year alone. Think of your industry’s seasonality, buying patterns, key events, etc. and create content around them.
  4. Survey your social media followers or do a live Q&A to find out what their burning questions are. Create content around their questions. You can use linkedinpolls to create thoughtful surveys. Please don’t use them to ask inane questions in the hope of accumulating followers (there’s too much of that going around and it annoys people who are on Linkedin to learn).
  5. Write/speak in a way thatโ€™s empathetic, engaging and entertaining. Even boring topics can be brought to life with stellar communication and perspective. There’s no shortcut to this. Take a writing or speaking course or hire a coach (Check out Ash Ambirge‘s writing course – it’s outstanding). And keep showing up.


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Image credit: Vrushali A Kamthe