Consultant, Where Does Your Time Go?

Consultant, where does your time go?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re probably not operating at peak state.

For me, “peak state” is when I feel I have reasonable control over both my client projects and my prospecting activities.

Often in consulting, when you’re steeped in client delivery, you ignore prospecting. Which leads to all kinds of problems.

One of the keys to operating at peak state is to spend your time on things that matter.

As a consulting business owner (independents and small firms), there are 4 categories of activities you should be spending your time on:

⭕ Planning (Setting goals, learning, delegating, etc.)
⭕ Prospecting (Building and nurturing relationships, creating useful content, etc.)
⭕ Converting prospects into paying clients
⭕ Project delivery

Activities that don’t fall under the above categories can be outsourced.

Things like data entry, invoicing, creating PPT decks, tinkering with your website or blog, designing newsletters, etc.

But I see too many consultants waste time on doing too much of the small stuff.

And before you know it, you have no idea where your time goes.

If you’re struggling with time, the first step is to understand how you spend it.

Once you understand how you spend it, you can figure out what to cut from your day in order to spend more time doing what matters.

If you’re interested in taking control of your time, I have a handy tool that shows consultants how to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on what matters.

If you don’t know where your time goes, I promise this will be the best 10 mins you spend today.

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Image credit: Painting by Iuliana Ojog | Saatchi Art