Consultants, Don’t Forget this About your Buyers!

If your buyers are in the market for consulting now YET hesitate to buy from you…

…here’s where the problem may lie:

They may not trust you’ll deliver.

Alex Hormozi in his book 100M Offers says one of the drivers of value in any buying situation is the “perceived likelihood of achievement.”

In other words before they buy, your buyer must believe they’ll get results once they invest in your solution.

Often in high-value B2B buying there are multiple decision-makers. Everyone’s reputation is on the line and backing you may be risky.

To increase the perceived likelihood of achievement in this case, here’s what you can do:

✅ 1. Have a trusted source refer you in:

Consulting is a game of relationships. The best way to build trust is to have a client or former client (whom you’ve got great results for) refer you to potential buyers. Better yet, try to get referred as high as you can, possible to the Managing Director, C-level exec or project sponsor. These execs will likely refer you down to VPs or Directors to evaluate your proposition. When you’re referred from above, you’ll be taken more seriously.

✅ 2. Be aggressive about showcasing results:

If you aren’t able to have a client refer you in, make sure you have enough relevant proof points to increase the perceived likelihood of achievement. Detailed testimonials, case studies with well-crafted narratives work really well. The key word here is “relevant”. If you can demonstrate that you’ve solved similar problems for similar clients, you’ll increase your value in the eyes of new buyers.

✅ 3. Build your brand using educational content:

If you don’t have a trusted source to refer you in, nor have examples of specific and relevant prior results, you can still earn trust through authority. “Nobody got fired for hiring McKinsey”, i.e. buyers don’t want to risk their reputation and blow a large budget on a no-name consultant. For a small consulting business, writing and promoting a book or creating content online to demonstrate your knowledge of the problem and your expertise is the next best way to build credibility.

Goes without saying that having all three of the above will shoot the “perceived likelihood of achievement” factor for your firm through the roof.

When buyers buy expensive things they can’t see, touch or feel, what they’re really buying is certainty. Remember these tips to make buyers feel more certain and choose to do business with you.

Did I miss anything? What else would you do to increase the perceived likelihood of achievement when selling consulting services? 👇

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Image credit: Hyak Matsakyan