Day 4: Two Ingredients to Create a Potent Marketing Message

Consultant, create a POTENT marketing message using these two ingredients.

In your messaging and communication,

1: Say what your clients will GET as a result of working with you; and

2. Say what your clients will GET RID OF as a result of working with you.

For example, let’s say you’re a brandstrategy consultant.

Can you help your prospect build brand equity and increase their prices and gross margins? (GET)

Can you help your prospects eliminate the frustration of working with multiple brand agencies and deliver huge time and cost savings in the process? (GET RID OF)

When you elaborate what your prospects can get and get rid of as a result of working with you…

…they (prospects) will attribute a certain VALUE to that outcome.

That’s a really powerful way to get their attention and have them book a meeting with you.

This is Day 4 of 5 of my series, NailYourConsultingMessage. Click the hashtag for the other posts in the series.

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