Here’s to You, Consultant! Love, AI.

I had AI make a song for YOU – consultants and experts 🤣

Using Udio, all I typed in was “a song about experts who love helping others, electric blues style”

In 5 minutes, I had a two and half minute song, written, composed and performed by AI.

I love music, so when I heard about this tool (thanks for posting, Dan) I had to try it out.

I wasn’t super surprised because I know AI can manipulate voice and sound, but this was the first time I played with a tool like this, and I’m totally fascinated.

Part of the reason I had this track created was to introduce a cool AI tool to the audience at yesterday’s Consulting Growth Hour session, “AI-powered Consulting Growth”.

I wanted to show consultants what AI can do today and that it’s going to get better and better. There are lots of different and creative ways you can use AI to grow your business. Want a replay of the session? Comment below and I’ll tell you how to access it. 👇

In the meantime, here’s one of the verses from the song about you, consultant! (I love the lyrics and the song, by the way 🔥 ):

“Reaching out with steady hands, they draw you from the night
Hold you up when you’re too weak, and teach you how to fight
They know the hurdles you will face, to rise you must descend
Into the fray, into the flame, they’ll pull you through the end
With their blueprint for success, on them you can depend
They’ll fuel your fire with passion, their wisdom is the key
Unlocking all the answers, to set your spirit free”

Have a listen to the song and have a rockin’ weekend 🎸

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Image credit: Dalle-3