How do you value advisory work that is hard to measure?

I’m looking for answers to this tricky question.

What constitutes value when you deliver creative or advisory work that is hard to measure?

Check out Nick’s post below. He argues that “when you hire a consultant/ designer/ creator you’re not just paying for the time that they put into the work… you’re actually paying for everything they’ve experienced and delivered up to that point.”

It’s true advisory/creative work shouldn’t be valued in terms of time taken to deliver, but should it be valued based on experience, as Nick argues?

I’ve always argued in favour of valuing consulting work based on business outcomes, but how would you determine business outcomes in the Citi example? How would you determine value?

I don’t have an answer to this. What do you think?

Check the link below:

Check out the post on LinkedIn to see insightful comments by the LinkedIn community on reputation, value and pricing.

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Image credit: Twitter 19.03.23