How to Build Credibility as a Consultant

What can consultants do to build credibility?

For clients to hire you, they must first believe you will be able to deliver.

In the consulting world, referrals from trusted sources can be powerful, especially if that trusted source worked with the consultant before and got great results.

But no matter how good you are as a consultant, referrals are simply not predictable.

Testimonials and case studies can also help build your credibility but you can’t produce them everyday.

So what then can you consistently do to build credibility as a consultant?

It’s this: Teach.

Yes, teaching what you know and helping your community address their problems can draw people towards you.

Whether you use text, audio or video, teaching has an allure that is almost irresistible. Because humans are curious beings – they want to be in the know.

Here’s the other thing: you can only teach if you know your stuff – most people will see through insincerity. For consultants with deep expertise, teaching can be a natural credibility-builder.

For more on the topic and how it can help, check out the video below 👇👇

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Image credit: Mr. miyagi by ispad3z on DeviantArt