“I was stunned…” – Building a CEO Community to Grow your Consulting Business

“I was stunned…”

How do you attract and engage with multiple CEOs despite not being a large, international consulting firm?

CEOs are busy and won’t give you time of day unless you’re a part of their old boys network, come in through a referral or are a famous thought leader.

Those are all great but they still won’t give you access to multiple CEOs at once to demonstrate your expertise, create affinity and build trust.

So what do you do then?

Here’s what:

Create a community that allows CEOs/your buyers to access unique insights, network with their peers and find mutual interests with one another.

As the leader of the community, you are trusted and seen as the go-to expert in your domain. Your community is a platform that allows you to initiate trust-based conversations with your members if you feel you can add value to their organizations.

Listen to my client Saar Ben-Attar talk about the community we helped him create that has CEOs and business heads of mid-sized and large orgs engage thoughtfully and regularly come back for more.

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