Increase Your Consulting Fees by Doing This

What’s the one thing consultants already have in abundance that can help them increase their fees?

The answer:

Their knowledge.

People generally become consultants because they’ve accumulated knowledge and expertise in their domain over many years.

Even though they’re technically gifted, most consultants struggle with pricing.

Their inability to attract the right clients forces them to accept projects at any price, just to keep the lights on in their business.

The thing to remember about pricing is this: if you chase new prospects too much, you’ll likely get beaten down on price.

On the other hand, if you position yourself as valuable, new prospects will want to work with you and approach you. When that happens, price is not the biggest issue on the table.

So what can you do to position yourself as valuable?

It’s this: build a brand by creating familiarity, affinity and trust among your prospective client community.

For us in the advisory business, a powerful way to build our brand is by sharing our knowledge so it benefits our audience.

When you teach people what you know, you draw them towards you and make them consider hiring you. It won’t happen overnight, but with consistency and patience, it works wonders.

When your audience perceives you as valuable, they will approach you for help. Because they already see you as valuable, they’ll be prepared to pay what you ask.

Your brand can help you increase your fees, and the route to building a powerful brand is through your knowledge.

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Image credit: Leon Zernitsky