Invest in this for Better Consulting Returns

Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” – Robert Hilliard Barrow

As an independent consultant or owner of a boutique firm, you probably deliver client projects AND prospect at the same time.

It’s really hard to do both efficiently if you’re not thoughtful about it.

And so, one of the best investments you can make for your business is this:

Buying back your own time.

I know many consultants who are so involved in low-yielding tasks such as tinkering with their website, sending invoices, data entry, designing newsletters and the big one…

…formatting PPT decks.

They’ll do everything except work on creating an effective sales and marketing process.

When they ramp down on their current projects, they start pounding the pavement for referrals…

And then wonder why it’s so hard to land new clients.

The right way to do it is to delegate low-yielding tasks so you create time to focus on high-yielding ones such as planning, creating/distributing content, building relationships and prospecting way before you need new clients.

The problem with time is that you can’t buy back the past. The time you wasted yesterday is gone forever

That’s why it’s so important to “buy back” your today and tomorrow…

…by removing yourself from tasks someone else can do better than you and focusing on the ones that can help you grow your business.

How do you ensure your time is being spent on tasks that help grow your business? Let me know by commenting on this LinkedIn post.

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Image credit: Domestika Org