Is Your Market Ripe Enough?


Do you have a brand new service or a new market you wish to explore? Or are you pivoting your business?

If yes, here’s a word of caution.
You may come up with a service offering that the market clearly needs and you may even land a client or two.

But if the market is not mature enough, i.e. if you go to market too early, then fast growth may be hard to come by.

The business world is filled with examples of products and services that didn’t do as well as they could have simply because they were ahead of their time.

Remember Friendster? Or Apple Newton?

In business consulting too, I see smart consultants come up with good ideas that solve real problems in the market.


The market just isn’t ripe enough. By “not ripe enough”, I mean:

❌ Prospects don’t usually budget for your service
❌ Because it’s uncommon, your service is seen as “risky”
❌ You find yourself trying to “convince” buyers to buy
❌ Prospects are attracted to alternate/existing solutions because everyone else is doing it that way

If you’re grinding it out in a raw/early market, I feel for you. It’s tough, I know.

But here’s the thing.

Markets are like nature. You can’t fight with or control them. You need to tune yourself to them and adjust yourself accordingly.

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Image credit: Tanya Say