Not “ready” to go all-in on Content Marketing? Read this.

Many consulting business owners say things like: 

“I’m not ready to create and share videos (or other types of content)”
“I’ll finish this *other thing* and then start creating content.” 
“I’m ready to grow but don’t want to share my knowledge with my audience just yet.”

People who say these things know that building and executing a great content plan is very important for their firm. Great content when distributed well: 

✅ Builds awareness about how you solve problems
✅ Creates interest in your solutions among qualified buyers
✅ Encourages buyers to consider hiring you or your firm

In other words, great content creates demand. It puts an end to your anonymity. It allows you to share your talents with the world and drive new sales.

Most people know the benefits to creating valuable content but at the same time experience hesitation and some trepidation as well.

As a result, they hold themselves back and say they aren’t “ready”. 

A very wise person said to me recently that when you say you aren’t “ready”, it is often an expression of one of the following: 

  • A fear of not being perfect
  • A fear of failure or rejection 
  • A fear of not being enough

Being “ready” is a BIG myth. If you know you have to do something but find ways to put it off, there’s likely something else going on in your head. 

Realize that this is normal and that most people go through it. The way out is to take the first step, i.e.

🔥 Shoot that video
🔥 Record that podcast episode
🔥 Hold your first community event
🔥 {Insert your next step here}


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Image credit: Saatchi Art