Sell More by Learning How Buyers Buy

Defining your ideal “buyer” is not enough.

Here’s why.

According to Gartner, there are 6.8 customer stakeholders on average involved in a B2B buying decision.

In organizations large and small, groups of individuals influence and make decisions together.

Consider how people buy. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. John sees a piece of content that speaks to his business problem. He follows the author. He doesn’t have a need for service now, but when he or his company does, he forwards the details to Ben, his boss to read… and recommends the service provider.
  1. Mary attends a virtual event with a bunch of speakers. One of them resonated with her. She mentions this to her colleague Jane, who mentions it to Tom, a senior VP. Tom asks his team to check out the speaker to see what they think.

People are always influencing one another.

Leaders influence their teams, but it’s also common for middle managers to influence their bosses and tell them which consultant or vendor to hire.

So when you’re defining your ideal buyer profile, consider the influencers and build relationships with them, too.

Knowing your buyers and influencers and the buying process will transform your results.

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Image credit: Tony Antoniou © 2012 | ArtFido