The Problem with Strategic Partnerships for Consulting Sales – Part 1

Strategic partnerships can help you increase consulting sales provided they are set up right. When they aren’t, they lead to a whole host of unwanted problems. 👇

First, what is a strategic partnership? 

A strategic partnership is when your consulting business partners with another non-competitive individual or firm to refer leads/opportunities to one another. 


  • A management consulting firm that partners with an accounting firm (which shares a similar client profile). 
  • An independent consultant that partners with a lawyer/s with a similar client profile. 
  • A firm or independent that partners with an industry association or group that has access to potential clients. 

Creating partnerships can be exciting. Expectations are generally high; everyone think leads are going to come rushing their way. 

In reality, most of these partnerships don’t produce results for either party and fizzle out for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them: 

❌ Partnerships are formed without appropriate vetting, i.e. client profiles don’t match.

❌ The partners may have a similar client profile, but the level of commitment each partner brings to the partnership is not equal. 

❌ Both partners don’t have a “giver’s” mindset. They’re only in it to “take”. 

❌ Expectations are not set from the get go. What should each partner do and when? How will conflict be resolved?

❌ Everyone’s busy. The partnership is not nurtured and suffers from neglect. 

As you can see, strategic partnerships can die a slow death. But not before significant time, money and energy are poured into putting them together. 

Here’s what I would ask: 

❓ What could you have done with all of that time you spent in putting together partnerships? 

❓ How much did all of that time cost you? 

❓ What opportunities did you miss out on as a result of giving your attention to setting up partnerships? 

Check out the video below where I talk about this during a recent Consulting Growth Hour session 👇👇👇

And watch this space soon for Part 2 where I’ll share mistakes I made setting up strategic partnerships for my consulting firm.

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Image credit: Fine Art America