5 Steps to Consulting Growth in 2023 – Part 1

Here’s the first step to prepare for growth in 2023.


You’re busy as a consultant. You deal with deadlines, manage associates, partners and even client staff.

There’s no guarantee of steady income, so you end up saying “yes” to everything your clients want and have no time to build the business YOU want.

Since you’re under pressure, you tend to hide, to play small, to be “contractors” rather than consulting business owners, to take on any client that comes your way regardless of price.

Before you know it, a whole year passes by and you’re pretty much the same as you were at the start.

If this is you, to grow in 2023, decide on two things: one, what does growth look like to you, whether that’s better clients, more clients, more profit, whatever.

And two, decide to stop playing small and to do whatever it takes to reach your growth goals. We’ll talk about how later in the series, but for now, simply decide.

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Image credit: Success Magazine