4 Reliable and Easy Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Here’s an easy way to create content for your consulting business.

Do this and you’ll never run out of content ideas 👇

1. Think of something your buyers/prospects need to learn (Hint: Look at your meeting notes with clients. What do you feel they need to know?). Teach it in a short post (high-level concept) or as a 60-min Zoom (more detailed).

2. Share frameworks related to the ideas you shared above. Consultants love frameworks and methodologies. We use them to get results for our clients. Share them and talk about how they work.

3. Create content about why clients need to learn these ideas/concepts and why most people ignore them. This is a mindset-related post on the same topic you chose above.

4. Share stories about your clients talking about how they addressed these challenges and won.

Think about another topic your clients/audience needs to learn. Repeat steps above.

You’ll have month after month of content that drives demand.

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