How to create demand for your consulting services, Part 5

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When a buyer of consulting services comes across your solution, the biggest question on their mind is this: 

“Does it work?” ⚙️

When you’re selling consulting services that cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, buyers want certainty.

Here’s the other thing: B2B buying decisions are typically influenced by a group of buyers within an organization and not always by a single individual. 

None of them wants to look bad in front of the other people around them. They’re not going to risk their reputation by backing a consultant they don’t trust.

Buyers want to feel confident they’re making the right decision.

So when you’re selling anything intangible, what you really should be selling is confidence.

How do you sell confidence? By showing your buyers that others like them have got results you promise. Call it what you want: customer stories, testimonials, social proof, case studies. Show buyers that your solution works and gets results. 

Sell confidence and drive demand. 

👉👉 Master this idea and more to drive demand for your consulting services.

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