5 Steps to Consulting Growth in 2023 – Part 3

Planning is easy. So is execution.

Here’s what’s hard:

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Finding the time to plan and execute.

As a consultant-business owner, this is truly hard. Your clients come first. You do most of the work – client delivery, writing proposals, research and a lot more.

Unless you consciously find the time to plan and execute, you’re never going to give your business what it truly needs to grow: your attention.

Imagine if you save an hour a day. That’s 5 hours a week and 260 a year.

You can do a whole lot with 260 hours – get educated, think deeply about the future, build a team, network with successful people you can emulate, and so on.

If you’re constantly on the hamster wheel, you’re missing out on possibilities, which means you’re losing more time. It all adds up.

So here’s my advice: grab this book, Winning The Week by Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley (link here) and read it over the holidays. It’s the first step towards taking control of your time. And once you do, business growth will become easier.

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Image credit: Eileen Wardale