5 Steps to Consulting Growth in 2023 – Part 4

In 2023, focus on the 4 core growth activities that drive a consulting business and reduce activities that don’t give you any leverage.

Here are the 4 things you should be doing as a consulting business owner:

✅ Planning: setting priorities, hiring, delegation and so on.

✅ Marketing: creating relevant offerings, creating valuable content, building and nurturing relationships.

✅ Conversations with buyers: Discovering needs and enrolling new clients.

✅ Client delivery: Not the most leveraged of activities, but you can’t fully escape this as a consultant.

Now, anything that doesn’t fall into these categories most likely can be delegated. Creating PowerPoint decks, managing your own website, repetitive tasks like data entry and many others.

For 2023, resolve to invest your time in activities that give you leverage and lead to growth and ruthlessly reduce those that don’t.

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Image credit: Taipei American School