A Key Skill You Need to Increase Demand for Your Services


To increase demand for your consulting services in 2022 and beyond, it helps to have effective writing skills.

So much of our communication is via the written word today (way more than in the past):

👉 Emails
👉 Social posts
👉 Client deliverables – Reports & presentations
👉 Workshop material
👉 Texts

To build awareness about your business among new prospects and to have current clients hire you back, it helps to be a persuasive writer.

This isn’t a skill you can pick up overnight. It takes practice. To write better, you need to read more and write more.

One of my favourite books on the craft of writing is On Writing by the great Stephen King. It’s part memoir and part advice for aspiring writers. It’s a quick and enjoyable read, so pick it up if you’re in the mood for a laugh and some writing advice.

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Image credit: The Ringer