Where Consultants Go Wrong with Referrals

Referrals are a consultant’s friend but most people miss a trick here. (Read till the end for a gift 🎁)

Consultants are so busy delivering client engagements that they don’t have a process to build their referral engine.

Once their current engagement starts ramping down, they begin scrambling for their next client. This is a stressful way to operate a business. It robs you of:

⛔️Time you could spend with your loved ones
⛔️Time for health and self-care
⛔️Profits (since your income swings wildly from month to month)

The antidote to this problem is to keep your referral engine buzzing throughout the year. Referrals are great but often you may get referred to potential clients who aren’t ready to buy now. These relationships need to be nurtured for the future.

Imagine having conversations every month with potential clients, learning about their organizations, goals and challenges. These conversations will give you market insights along with ideas to further these new relationships and create demand for your services.

⭐️ So what can you do to keep your referral engine buzzing throughout the year?

There’s a specific technique I talked about during one of my recent live sessions. Using a couple of tools, you can create a process that lands you new referrals month after month?

Want to take a look? Let me know if you’re interested in the comments and I’ll send you the video. 👇👇👇

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Image credit: Tim Heimdal