Are You Pursuing a Consulting Business Idea or a BELIEF?


Are you pursuing a consulting business idea or a BELIEF?

There’s a big difference. Read on.
Organizations have newer and newer problems; consulting opportunities are bound to increase in the Fall.

In this scenario, it’s easy to get excited and pick an “interesting” business opportunity or idea to pursue.

The problem is, when an idea fails initially, there is a tendency to jump to another idea.

And another and another.

But, when you pursue a BELIEF…

…one that’s based on deep domain expertise and derived after many years of painstakingly witnessing a problem unfold and grow…

…your pursuit becomes a mission.

A mission to continuously test your belief in the market, derive meaningful insights and build a solution that not only delivers results for your clients but also meets your business goals.

E.g. My belief is that consultants rely too much on their personal networks and don’t know how to land clients predictably without relying on referrals.

They don’t have the time nor the direction to build a sales pipeline.

My mission is to help consultants to learn how to land lucrative consulting projects on their own consistently despite these constraints.

It didn’t start as an idea, but as a belief.

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Image credit: Srobhona Goswami