Should Consultants Share Their Knowledge for Free?


Are you hesitant to share your knowledge with your audience until they become paying clients?
Do you fear that you’ll be giving away your intellectual capital by giving away your knowledge?

As an expert, you’ve gained a storehouse of knowledge over the years.

You have tons of ideas on what companies in your market can do now to improve.

You even shake your head when you see companies in your market make wrong moves.

If that’s the case, then why not share what you know and help your market?

You see…

Your knowledge is not your intellectual capital to be guarded in secret.

Your intellectual capital lies in the unique technique, ingenuity and artistry you use to generate results for your clients.

This includes your curiosity, technical expertise, IQ, intuition, creativity, communication/relationship-building skills, self-management & team skills, among others.

No one can take them away from you.

Knowledge is just one piece of what you have.

When you share it and genuinely help your audience even a little, prospective clients will reach out when the time is right.

So share away. Your audience needs you now.

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