What’s More Frustrating Than Not Landing Clients


What’s more frustrating than not landing clients?

Landing clients, not getting paid and having to chase them for payment.

As we enter Fall/Autumn, organizations will likely ramp up hiring consultants.

Central banks all over have ensured there’s ample credit flow to businesses.

So as long as you can make a business case to your prospects, they’ll find the cash to invest in you even if they’ve taken a hit during the pandemic.

But still, in hard times, companies juggle cash around and you don’t want to be the vendor that gets dispatched to Accounts Payable.

So make sure you have clear payment terms up front. Here are the most common types:

✅ Payment in Full Upfront: Always give them this option…with a discount of at least 5% off the total invoice.

✅ Advance + Milestone Payments: Make sure you set clear dates for partial payments.

✅ Advance + Milestones + Balance on Project Completion: Make sure no more than 10% of the total invoice is payable upon completion. If the project is delayed by the client then you won’t suffer.

✅ Retainer: Paid up front on the 1st of each month.

LMK if you have any questions. Running out of space here.

Have a great long weekend those of you in Canada and the US ☀️🍀👊

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