Buyers hard to reach or don’t respond to follow ups? Read this.

Consultant, when you try to reach C-level or other high-level buyers, you face a couple of issues: 👇

👉 You’re unable to land a first meeting with them.

👉 You landed a first meeting, but they’re not ready to buy now.

Engaging with buyers in both of these scenarios requires both building authentic relationships and patience.

High-level consulting opportunities are often the result of strong relationships cultivated over the years. 🤝

Your clients (former or current) pass along an introduction to a buyer from another organization. Or you get introductions from a past colleague, partner or even your personal network.

But on most occasions, even if you land the first meeting there’s no guarantee they will buy now. They may be in the middle of a hundred different things and take the meeting out of courtesy. They tell you they need more time to look into your proposition. ⏰

But you know you can help them now. You know they will benefit greatly from your consulting and advisory services. You can see inefficiencies in how they operate. If only they see things the way you do!

⭐ But here’s the thing: if you hound them constantly to buy from you, they’ll run as far as they can. Buyers buy on their own terms, so you must be patient. But patience doesn’t mean you simply do nothing and wait.

To engage high-level buyers throughout the prospecting and sales process so they buy from you fast, there are several things you can do that keep you top of mind, PLUS allow you to build authentic relationships with them.

In my recent 60-min training, “How to Create Authentic Relationships with Consulting Buyers” I’ve talked about 5 tactics you can use to engage high-level buyers at small, mid-sized and large organisations. 🔥

Once you start incorporating these tactics into your business, you’ll have a strong and active sales pipeline, have buyers want to do business with you and prevent your business from losing income between engagements.

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