Challengers: A Top Consultant’s Debut Book

Many congratulations to my client Saar Ben-Attar on the launch of his debut book, Challengers.

Challengers is based on the work Saar’s strategy firm Ascent Growth Partners Pte. Limited does around the world in the domain of collaborations and ecosystem partnerships.

The book shows how exceptional leaders (or Challengers) across industries tap into their ecosystem to create brand new value and outperform the competition.

If you’re a consultant reading this, I encourage you to take Saar’s lead and write a book.

For consultants and advisors, a book is:

✅ Your best business card
✅ Your ticket to speak on big stages
✅ An opportunity to collaborate on podcasts, interviews, etc.
✅ A vehicle that supercharges your exposure and respect among your audience.

You have domain knowledge and can solve problems. Your next step is to summon your drive and take relentless action to bring your book into the world, just like Saar did.

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Image credit: DALL·E 3