Mini Lesson: How To Create A Niche Consulting Offer

📕 MINI LESSON: How to Create a Niche Consulting Offer [Learn exactly how I did it].

Niching down can be frustrating because it can feel limiting (“I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself” is a statement I hear often from consultants).

But niching down can be extremely valuable. You can still land high 5-fig and even 6-fig deals when you niche down.

For 10 years I ran a consulting business focusing on strategic planning for the Academia segment. Niching down helped me:

👉 Listen more to my primary customer, so I understood them better (a competitive advantage).

👉 Increase my domain knowledge

👉 Build a sharp value proposition and message

👉 Build a business that was capital efficient (every investment was strategic and thereby, profitable)

If you’d like to learn how I did it so you can apply the principles in your business, check out the video below.

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Image credit: DALL·E 3