Marketing Mindset That Sets You Apart

They say art rises to the top and as consultant, your art will rise to the top too. But first…

…you must create your art.

Your art as far as business development is concerned, includes:

🎤 Speaking at events
📕 Writing books based on deep expertise
👥 Leading and curating a community of buyers
🌆 Hosting periodic events to share specialised knowledge

All of this takes work. They are hard to do.

But doing hard and valuable things for long compounds over time.

The thing is, most people don’t do them, including your peers and competitors.

If you keep improving, build a following and don’t give up, you will create a competitive advantage that will continue to bring profitable customers to your door again and again.

Check out the video below and repost ♻ if you found this valuable.

P.S. – Do you prefer speaking, writing or hosting an event? 👇

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Image credit: Dalle-3