Consultant, are you a guest or a host?


Ever hosted a party for your friends?

I’m sure you have. Here’s why I bring this up 👇

As the host, you receive more attention. Everyone appreciates you and makes you feel special.

People value those who bring people together. They are attracted to those who take action, who give freely of their time, and who make others feel welcome.

If you’re a great host, you get talked about as well. More people want to know you and be seen with you.


As a consulting business owner, you’re so busy that you end up being a “guest” more than a “host”.

You attend webinars, seminars, training sessions and networking events in the hope of learning, getting to know others in your industry and landing new business opportunities.

But as a guest, you’re not seen as someone who brings people together. You’re just another face in the crowd.

Being a guest is very competitive.

On the other hand, being a great host is not.

🖥️ What if you bring a small group of people together every month on Zoom to share new insights on your industry.

🎙️ Or host a podcast and hold panel discussions with potential buyers on key industry topics?

📒 Or write insightful articles or newsletters and build an engaged readership you communicate privately with?

It’s not just about creating any content, but about cultivating community through insightful content.

Being a great host is a long game. It takes time for people to rally around you and see you as their leader. But if you’re in the game long enough and continue to keep giving generously, they’ll see your community as the best party in town.

Stronger communities lead to more business opportunities.

What can you start doing today to play “host” in your business?

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Image credit: Arturo Ricci