Consultant, Write More to Win More Business

How can writing help consultants grow their business?

Writing has always been a part of a business consultant’s skill set.

Consultants write reports, create presentations, workshops, business cases and other material for clients.

But today, writing persuasively can create tremendous awareness for your business and help win new clients.

You don’t need to write a book if you don’t want to (although it can help you build massive authority).

There are several channels available today to write and promote your knowledge, such as content platforms, social networks, etc.

So take advantage of them because people are hanging out there and looking to learn.

Check out the video below to learn what I believe is the biggest advantage to writing and how you can become a better writer. 👇👇

This is Part 2 of my daily, 5-part video series on must-have skills for consultants.

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Image credit: Robin Wethe Altman