The Art of Storytelling for Consultants

The world is full of marketers telling you how important storytelling is for your business.

But what does that actually mean? 🤔

Does storytelling mean sharing your business’ backstory, how you became successful and grew your business?

Or does it mean sharing random anecdotes or war stories from the past?

The truth is…

It’s none of those things.

Telling a great story involves making your buyer the protagonist in your marketing narrative.

Watch the short video below in which I break down the broad elements of what it takes to tell a great story. 👇👇👇

And don’t forget to listen to the tip in the end that will help you become a good storyteller. 🔥

This is Video 1 from my daily, 5-part video series on must-have skills for consulting business owners so they land more clients consistently and increase their fees without burning out.

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Image credit: Storyteller by Shweta Naina Fine Art America