Consultants Who Don’t Like Marketing: Watch this.

To create demand for your consulting offerings you need to market your business. But you don’t like “marketing”.

You started your consulting business because you are gifted in a technical skill: strategy, HR, operations, change management, finance or something else. 

You didn’t anticipate that landing new clients would be particularly hard. It was easier in the beginning when you had referrals. 

But now the referral well has dried up and you need to build a sales pipeline. You need to create awareness about your brand so your potential clients sit up and take notice. 

This takes work. Marketing work. Work that you are not the best at. Work that forces you to get out more, be seen more and build new relationships. 

More importantly, it’s work that distracts you from your client engagements. But you realize you need to do it, so you do it. Here and there. When you’re able to. But it doesn’t work consistently, because you’re not consistent. 

For your consulting business’ marketing to be effective, you the business owner must play a significant role in it. Buyers hire you for YOUR expertise. To build awareness about your expertise, YOU need to be front and centre of your firm’s marketing efforts. 

And if you’re going to give yourself any chance of consistently being front and centre of your marketing efforts, you have to make marketing an activity you can look forward to. 

If the thought of marketing (or sales or business development or brand awareness) exhausts you or throws you off your A-game, here’s a distinction that can help: 

Think of marketing as providing EDUCATION. 

You aren’t promoting, selling, pitching or marketing your business. You’re simply educating your audience about your perspective. 

When you look at it this way, you’ll enjoy “marketing”. And when you do it right, you’ll attract your tribe in droves.

Watch the video to learn what to say when you’re educating your audience 👇👇👇

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Image credit: Google Arts and Culture