To Increase Demand, Use Your Biggest Strength

To increase demand for your consulting services, tap into your biggest strength.

This 👇

Your knowledge or domain expertise.

In my previous post, I talked about why it helps viewing marketing activities as EDUCATION and what to say while educating your audience
(Check out the post here:

Once you internalize the distinction that marketing is simply education, your ideas will start to flow freely. You will begin to enjoy marketing.

Once you enjoy marketing, you’ll show up consistently and share your views more often with your audience.

Once you’re consistent, you build affinity with your audience. They will begin to like you and trust you.

Once they begin to trust you, you open the floodgates to demand.

My key message here is this: Marketing/sales/business development or brand awareness (however you choose to label the activity) should not be seen as an alien concept. It simply means that you show up and share ideas about what you know best: your domain.

If you’re struggling with the idea of marketing, don’t lose sleep over it. It’s closer to home than you think.

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