Content Idea for Consultants During Economic Uncertainty

Consultant, if you’re looking for content ideas to attract new clients, steal these 👇👇

Most organizations have inefficient processes.

When times are good, these inefficiencies are swept under the rug. But when cracks appear in the economy, the spotlight turns to inefficiencies. Leaders start talking about them more than they normally would. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for consultants to create memorable and actionable content that can drive curiosity and lead to discovery conversations. 

So how do you put this idea into action? 

Here’s how. In your content: 

1️⃣ Highlight inefficiencies that impact your client (whether your clients know these inefficiencies exist or not)

2️⃣ Offer actionable insights to address these inefficiencies

Here are some examples of client inefficiencies you can talk about, depending on the type of consultant you are: 


  • Market research and insights-gathering processes are broken and here’s why. 
  • What organizations can do now to build their competitive advantage and why most aren’t.


  • Current hiring practices that are killing retention and driving up costs…and what to do about it. 
  • Badly designed training programs hurt productivity and increase absenteeism…here’s how to fix them.


  • How bad copy is killing your conversion rate / How to get more conversions without increasing ad spend. 
  • Common practices in marketing departments that increase customer acquisition costs.


  • How a lack of visibility in your supply chain affects revenue and how to fix it fast. 
  • Hidden costs in production processes no one’s talking about

No matter what type of consultant you are, start highlighting inefficiencies to attract attention, create demand and generate new opportunities. 

What type of consulting do you do? Let me know in the comments and I’ll give you specific content ideas you can use right away.

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Image credit: Adam Simpson