Cold Emails Like This Will Hurt Your Reputation

I received a completely irrelevant cold email a few hours ago. Here’s what I think about the sender 👇

I’m not angry or disappointed with the sender that they sent me something irrelevant.

In fact, I fully get it. Running a business is hard enough. To know how to promote and sell is not easy. Business owners are so focused on day-to-day operations that they often have no clue how to land new clients.

So they try whatever they can or hire amateurs to run their marketing. In the process, they not only waste their time and money but also hurt their reputation.

Marketing is not easy but it can be learned. If you’re a consulting business owner, you must learn it.

To prevent you from making marketing/lead generation mistakes, I’m hosting a 60-min event next week.

I’ll break down 5 common lead generation approaches consultants use and serious mistakes they make when using them. I’ll also be taking questions on how to fix your lead generation so you can get way better results for your time and effort.

Here are the details, come join:

TOPIC: 5 Lead Generation Mistakes Consultants Make (and How to Avoid Them).
WHEN: August 11, 2022 @ 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific
WHERE: Zoom —>

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