Creative Direct Mail Strategies to Land New Clients


If you target senior decision-makers at mid-to-large organizations, read this: 👇👇

You may think that senior decision-makers such as C-levels, Senior Vice Presidents, Heads of business units, etc. are hard to reach.

They’re not.

Senior decision-makers are all responsible for some kind of financial result or another. If you approach them while referring to a pressing challenge they’re dealing with, chances are you’ll get a response.

More often than not, sales campaigns fail due to the approach and timing more than anything else. 🏹 ⏰

To understand which senior executives to contact and what they are dealing with, you need to do your research: read news stories about their organizations, interviews in the media, SEC filings, annual reports, LinkedIn updates, press releases and other sources.

But here’s the most important part.

❓How do you contact them so they read your message?

The best way I know of: get a referral. But what if you don’t have a way in through your network?

The next best way to reach out is NOT cold email. Everyone else is sending them emails, so what makes you think yours will be noticed?

Besides, how do you get past the gatekeeper? Even if your email is well-crafted, there’s very little chance of it getting through.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reach these senior decision-makers. One of them is by using creative and personalized direct mail campaigns. I’ve used them myself to reach consulting buyers and they work extremely well.

Interested in seeing a few examples of how I did this so you can copy my strategy and reach senior buyers?

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