Should Rihanna have performed at the Super Bowl for free? Should you offer free consulting?

Consultant/Artist/Indie advisors: this is a thought-provoking piece by Chris Do but I have a different take on it.

No one forced Rihanna to work for free. It’s clear she chose to work for free as she saw value in it. NFL made her an offer and she took it. That’s the big lesson here that up and coming artists/independents can take away: creating value that’s hard to resist. Artists tend to focus on their technical expertise and not enough on how to create value. There’s lots to learn from the NFL that has created one of the most prized event-assets of all time: the Super Bowl.

It’s worth remembering that a number of artists have refused the Super Bowl half-time offer before, including Jay-Z, Adele, Taylor Swift and Rihanna too for reasons of their own. So it’s not like everyone being offered the show simply takes it. This time around Rihanna saw value in it. She was on a performance hiatus for 7 years before the show. Maybe she saw this as an opportunity to launch herself back on stage or use it as a platform for her Fenty brand. Value, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder.

For independent consultants/artists/SMB owners, there’s lots to learn from both the NFL and Rihanna on how to create value and spot opportunities to use it as leverage.

Curious to know where you stand on the issue 👇

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Image credit: iCanvas