Differentiate Yourself From Internal Resources. Here’s How

Consultants, especially early-stage ones, often focus on solving small problems, filling in for executives, or providing short-term fixes. 🛠

This approach, while useful, limits the potential for landing large deals. To secure substantial contracts, consultants should think in terms of transformation. The goal is to address significant, million-dollar+ problems by offering transformational solutions that change organizations, departments, or processes.

Clients often face big, thorny problems and have an emotional need to achieve a dream outcome, such as reaching a revenue milestone, completing an IT transformation, or retaining top talent.

The value of a consultant lies in their ability to view problems from multiple perspectives (30,000-foot, 5,000-foot, and ground level) and implement cohesive solutions that internal employees, despite their seniority, might miss.

Having a structured process and framework for delivering transformational change can distinguish a consultant from internal staff and ensure they meet the client’s aspirational goals.

If you’re looking to transition from solving small problems to offering transformational solutions, let me know and I’ll send you a 60-min training on how, or if you prefer to have a conversation, reach out to me directly. 📩

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Image credit: Dalle-3