Do You Use Training as a Consulting Revenue Stream?

Have you considered offering training to boost consulting revenue? (Read 👇 )

Business consultants are usually focused on solving problems for their clients. They have a core service offering and spend months working with clients to solve a problem and deliver a big result.

But there may be opportunities to offer training solutions to those clients in specific situations, such as:

✅ 1. As a discovery offering: As a precursor to your core service offering, you could offer a short, 1-3 day training offering that helps deliver a small result for the client. This allows the client to experience working with you and could lead to a bigger engagement down the line.

For example: – An IT consulting firm offering training on a new technology suite. – A strategy consulting firm offering training on goal-setting for senior executives.

✅ 2. As a part of the core consulting offering: If your consulting involves instituting a new system or methodology, then there’s an opportunity to train mid-management or ever senior management.

For example: – An operations consultancy training managers on Six Sigma as part of their operations consulting offering. – A change management firm training mid-managers on their proprietary communications process.

Training solutions can help you boost revenues whether you use it as a discovery offering or as an add-on to your core offering.

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