Retaining Consulting Clients is Great, BUT…

It’s common for consultants to take on an engagement for a few months and then scramble for new clients as they ramp down on their current project.

By doing so, they leave a lot of money on the table…

Because the real profits in consulting are built on the back of long-term customer relationships.

However, “long-term” doesn’t mean forever.

I believe one of the biggest values of hiring a consultant is so you get an outside perspective from an expert in the subject. So if a consultant advises an organization with no end in sight, they tend to become part of the echo chamber and lose their objectivity.

This happened to me so I speak from experience. I came to realize that for my strategy consulting business, the ideal length to retain a consulting client was 2-3 years. Beyond that, it was in the best interest of clients to find another voice that could provide them with that valuable outside perspective.

Of course, this is personal to me and my experience as a strategy consultant. Other consultants may feel differently. But the important thing is to understand for yourself what makes you tick as a consultant/advisor so you give your absolute best for your clients.

What do you think? 👇

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