Drive Demand for your Consulting Services

Consultant, why don’t all buyers buy from you? 🤔

You have the same sales pitch. But some buyers buy and some buyers don’t.

Why is that?

In my experience, the biggest reason buyers don’t buy is because they are not qualified.

A qualified buyer:

✅ Knows, likes and trusts you.

✅ Has a costly problem and an upcoming deadline to solve (or start solving) the problem.

✅ Has the authority to hire you or can be your champion among other decision-makers.

✅ Has funds allocated for hiring a consultant, or they have the ability to reallocate their budget and find the money.

✅ Understands the value of consulting and is not debating whether to hire a consultant or do it in-house.

✅ And finally, a qualified buyer is aligned with you on your point of view on how to solve the problem.

So if you want to sell more consulting services, increase your income and truly enjoy your work, ensure you find more qualified buyers.

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Image credit: Dalle-3