From Yes-man to No-man: A Consultant’s Journey

Back in the day when I started my consulting business, I was a total “Yes” man.

I would get a referral, land strategic planning projects (my core offer) and deliver results.
Very soon clients (impressed with my work) would say, “Can you help us with this other thing we’re having trouble with?”

And I would say, “Of course!” and dive in.

Now, I had rent to pay and some debt, too. I wasn’t going to pass up new opportunities.

So I would spend time to learn new skills to execute the new project.

The results were “OK” but nowhere close to the quality I was used to delivering.

Clients are no fools. They would notice. And that was the beginning of the end of the relationship.

On reflection…

I realized my eagerness to take on “any” project stemmed from not knowing how to land new clients.

Under pressure and addicted to my current source of income, I made poor business choices that ultimately hurt me.

Once I invested myself and learned prospecting and sales, I began to relax.

An efficient sales process gave me the confidence to specialize in my core offering, say “No” to everything else and land ideal clients whenever I wanted.

Going from a “Yes” man to a “No” man was one of the best things to happen to me as a business owner.

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Image credit: Society6