The Million Dollar Question: Who’s Who?


A wise man once told me, if you want to double your income…
…double your understanding of WHO you help.

If you want to charge high fees as a consultant, help people with BIG problems.

If you can help people solve big problems FAST, you can command even higher fees.


Most problems are caused by inefficiencies, so zone in on your audience’s inefficiency (related to your expertise)…

…and expand your understanding of how big the problem is by asking these questions:

❓What is causing the inefficiency?
❓What have they done so far to fix it?
❓What impact is the inefficiency having on their business today?
❓How will it affect their business goals?
❓How is the inefficiency affecting the buyers/decision-makers professionally? Personally?

To increase your fees, always increase your understanding of who you help.

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Image credit: Best of Bharat