Hidden Opportunities for Consultants During the Pandemic


What can you do to land clients FAST?
Key decisions you make early on have a bearing on success.

One of them is to pick established markets.

An established market is one in which buyers consistently purchase consulting services in your category year after year.

I see many consultants try to cook up completely new services for new markets.

Now, I’m not against new ideas. They are absolutely necessary, for innovation is the engine of progress.


Cash flow is the engine of survival.

Innovative services generally take longer to find acceptance. For your business to survive, you need cash now.

So, to ensure your business survives today so it can thrive tomorrow, pick an established market.

Here are some ways to identify them:

ūüĎČAre there competitors in your chosen market? If there are, it generally indicates there is a need for your service.

ūüĎČDo organizations in the market budget for consulting services? If you’re a former corporate professional from this market, you’ll be privy to this info.

ūüĎČAre organizations hiring full-time execs in your consulting category? If yes, then it indicates they might hire consultants¬†as well.

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