Day 1: Fix Your Cash Flow Problems by Nailing Your Message

Consultant, here’s one way to fix your cash flow problems.

Many of us are figuring out how to adapt our businesses to a post-lockdown world.

For some, that means modifying our communication and messaging to shifting market needs.

The right message to the right prospect has the potential to get you in the door, build relationships with dream clients and win large, lucrative deals.

When you fix your communication and messaging, you will fix a majority of your client attraction problems.

When you fix your client attraction problems, you will fix a majority of your cash flow problems.

Communication is that important.

I’ll leave you with a simple question.

Can you communicate WHAT you do, WHO you do it for and the OUTCOME you bring about…within 10 seconds?

I say 10 seconds because prospects don’t have the time to analyze long and cryptic messages.

If it’s not direct and clear, they’re gone.

You lose business when that happens, and the worst part is you’ll never know who those prospects were.

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Over the next 5 posts, I’ll teach you how to refine your message so you attract your dream clients.

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Image credit: REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci