How to Build Business Relationships Online

As a busy business consultant, how do you build business relationships online?

Relationships drive sales, so if you don’t build relationships…

…you don’t sell.

Just like you build business relationships offline, you will benefit from learning how to build them online using social media.

Too many people think the right way to use social media for business is to connect with people and pitch them. It’s not.

And there are others who don’t take the initiative to build relationships using social channels for fear of being seen as intrusive and spammy.

It’s sad that most people don’t know how to build authentic relationships online that can drive growth for their firm.

Because when you do it right, it completely changes how you attract clients and run your business.

Check out the video below for my 3-step framework for building authentic business relationships online for your consulting business.

This is Part 4 of my daily, 5-part series on must-have skills for consulting business owners.

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Image credit: Modern Distribution Management