Consultants, Learn the Art of Discovery to Drive Revenue

What comes easier to you as a consulting business owner?

Landing conversations with prospective clients?


Converting new prospects into paying clients?

If you’re like most consultants, you’d pick the latter.

Consultants are generally comfortable in closing the deal because they have technical expertise and it’s easy to talk about what you know well.

But before you close the deal, you need to get in front of a prospect. That’s where many consultants stumble.

And so, they spend a lot of time trying to find their next prospect and don’t pay enough attention to honing their discovery skills (i.e. the skills you need to have an effective conversation with a prospect).

When you develop your discovery skills, you’ll be able to:

✅ Scope engagements accurately
✅ Increase the value of the deal
✅ Set yourself up for longer-term business relationships that drive growth

So don’t ignore the art of discovery.

Check out the video below 👇👇👇

This is the final segment of my daily, 5-part series on must-have skills for consulting business owners.

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