How To Find Hidden Consulting Opportunities

The best consulting opportunities are never advertised and here’s the biggest reason why
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➡ Most leaders at organisations don’t even know they need consulting.

❌ They don’t know they have a problem
❌ If they know, they try to solve it themselves
❌ They don’t even know there may be a better way
❌ They’re too busy in the weeds to even look for a better way
❌ They got burned before, so they stopped using all consultants

Your competition is not other consultants. Your true competition is the mindset most executives have about the problem they face and how to solve it.

To get around it, you must:

✅ Make the case for consulting and for your business.
✅ Be bold, reach out to your network and ask for introductions to buyers
✅ Create and distribute content that shows them what’s possible, consequences of the status quo, opportunity costs and why the consulting option is the right choice for their organization.

🔥 Connections + Content + Conversations + Consistency → Clients.

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Image credit: Firefly